The Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Laboratory (MDOL) pursues research in the development and application of advanced design and optimization methodologies. This lab is chaired by Prof. Achille Messac who (over the last two decades) has made foundational contributions to the MDO community, such as combined control-structural optimization and physical programming. The current wide range of MDO techniques that we develop include:

  • Conventional and Heuristic, Single-/Multi-Objective Design Optimization Algorithms
  • Standalone and Hybrid Surrogate Models
  • Adaptive Sampling Techniques

The primary applications that we are currently working on are:

  • Wind Farm Optimization and Wind Resource Modeling
  • Product Platform Planning (Product Family Design)
  • Active Thermally Insulated Windows

Important specific contributions that MDOL has made over the past couple of years include:

  • Unrestricted Wind Farm Layout Optimization (UWFLO) framework
  • Adaptive Hybrid Functions (AHF)
  • Comprehensive Product Platform Planning (CP3) method

An illustrative overview of MDOL research is shown below (click to enlarge):


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